Phillips Custom Home Design Team

Our Team

PCHD creates homes, living & work spaces that reflect our gifts, passion & the fingerprints of our clients. We partner with our clients by identifying with their wants and needs to make their project an enjoyable life experience from start to finish. We are PCHD!

Phillips Custom Home Design Mason Phillips

Mason Phillips


People make the difference. Respect and trust are the guiding principles that foster strong relationships among our staff, with our subcontractors, and especially with our clients.

Phillips Custom Home Design Marie Klokstad


Interior Designer

Our projects define us. We bring a strong work ethic to every project and have an intense will to do our very best, to feel the pride of a job extremely well done every time!

Phillips Custom Home Design Chris Phillips


Project Manager

Problems create opportunities. We thrive on challenges, finding creative ideas and solutions that push boundaries and provide pathways to success.

We are driven to win! We will work harder, we will go longer, and we will give more than anyone else!

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